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Jessica Körning-Ljungberg
Jessica Körning-Ljungberg

Jessica Körning-Ljungberg

Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Engineering Psychology
Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 492851
A160 Luleå
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Article in journal

Relationships between Dota 2 expertise and decision-making ability (2022)

Sörman. D, Dahl. K, Lindmark. D, Hansson. P, Vega Mendoza. M, Körning-Ljungberg. J
PLOS ONE, Vol. 17, nr. 3
Article in journal

The relation of neuroticism to physiological and behavioral stress responses induced by auditory startle (2022)

Sehlström. M, Körning-Ljungberg. J, Claeson. A, Nyström. M
Brain and Behavior, Vol. 12, nr. 5
Article in journal

Occupational cognitive complexity and episodic memory in old age (2021)

Eriksson Sörman. D, Stenling. A, Sundström. A, Rönnlund. M, Vega Mendoza. M, Hansson. P, et al.
Intelligence, Vol. 89
Article in journal

Physical activity and cognitive function (2021)

between-person and within-person associations and moderators
Stenling. A, Eriksson Sörman. D, Lindwall. M, Hansson. P, Körning-Ljungberg. J, Machado. L
Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition, Vol. 28, nr. 3, s. 392-417
Article in journal

Testing the Foreign Language Effect on Cognitive Reflection in Older Adults (2021)

Vega Mendoza. M, Hansson. P, Sörman. D, Ljungberg. J
Brain Sciences, Vol. 11, nr. 11