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Joakim Wincent

Professor, Chaired Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
+46 (0)920 492161
A3217a Luleå

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation




Ph.D in business administration. Professor in entrepreneurship and innovation. Technical background from engineering- and process industry.


Joakim Wincent is a Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. His current research focus largely on  entrepreneurs and innovation processes in existing organizations. For example, Joakim is researching  passion, stress, exhaustion among individual entrepreneurs and how individual entrepreneurs can improve their conditions for developing high potential business models. He is also interested in identifying factors that promote entrepreneurship in organizations and future challenges for companies that aim to be innovation leaders during the next ten-year period. Methodological interest in research is directed to develop new measurements such as calculations of the amount and value of entrepreneurial opportunities in different sectors and industries. In addition, Joakim is researching business clusters/networks, innovation systems and engage in effect studies of entrepreneurship at regional and national levels. His work is published in leading journals such as Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Venturing, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization, Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Organizational Research Methods, among others.


Teaches at the basic- and advance level (PhD courses). Supervision of PhD students and master theses. Engaged in research-related consulting and evaluation activity. Teaching interests include theoretical perspectives in management research, research methods, advanced statistics, business development and strategic entrepreneurship.


Article in journal

Addressing dual embeddedness (2018)

The roles of absorptive capacity and appropriabilitymechanisms in subsidiary performance
Cenamor. J, Parida. V, Oghazi. P, Pesämaa. O, Wincent. J
Industrial Marketing Management, ISSN: 0019-8501
Article in journal

Bank lending and financial discrimination from the formal economy (2018)

How women entrepreneurs get forced into involuntary bootstrapping
Malmström. M, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Venturing Insights, ISSN: 2352-6734, Vol. 10
Article in journal

Can prosocial motivation harm entrepreneurs' subjective well-being? (2018)

Kibler. E, Wincent. J, Kautonen. T, Cacciotti. G, Obschonka. M
Journal of Business Venturing, ISSN: 0883-9026
Article in journal

CEO burnout, managerial discretion, and firm performance (2018)

The role of CEO locus of control, structural power, and organizational factors
Sirén. C, Patel. P, Örtqvist. D, Wincent. J
Long range planning, ISSN: 0024-6301, Vol. 51, nr. 6, s. 953-971
Article in journal

Critical success factors in early new product development (2018)

a review and a conceptual model
Florén. H, Frishammar. J, Parida. V, Wincent. J
The International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, ISSN: 1554-7191, Vol. 14, nr. 2, s. 411-427
Conference paper

Does birds of a feather flock together? (2018)

A relational gender theory approach in entrepreneurial finance
Voitkane. A, Johansson. J, Malmström. M, Wincent. J
Part of: 21st Uddevalla Symposium, 2018, 2018
Article in journal

Effectuation or causation (2018)

An fsQCA analysis of entrepreneurial passion, risk perception, and self-efficacy
Stroe. S, Parida. V, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Research, ISSN: 0148-2963, Vol. 89, s. 265-272
Article in journal

Entrepreneurship and well-being (2018)

The role of psychological autonomy, competence, and relatedness
Shir. N, Nikolaev. B, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Venturing, ISSN: 0883-9026
Article in journal

Exploring the microfoundations of servitization (2018)

How individual actions overcome organizational resistance
Lenka. S, Parida. V, Rönnberg Sjödin. D, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Research, ISSN: 0148-2963, s. 328-336
Chapter in book

How vague entrepreneurial identities of Swedish women entrepreneurs are performed by government financiers (2018)

Voitkane. A, Johansson. J, Malmström. M, Wincent. J
Part of: Women entrepreneurs and the myth of 'underperformance'