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Johnny Ejemalm
Johnny Ejemalm

Johnny Ejemalm
+46 (0)980 67533
1086 Kiruna

I am Faculty Programme Director for the Master Programme in Space Engineering

I am also Faculty Programme Director for the Master Programme in Spacecraft Design


I am examiner and teacher in these courses:

R7004R Spacecraft Environment Interaction, 7.5 Credits

R7015R Space Flight Orbital Dynamics, 7.5 Credits

R7016R Space Flight Attitude Dynamics, 7.5 Credits

F7002R Numerical methods, 7.5 Credits

F7007R Cosmology, 7.5 Credits


I am co-ordinator for master theses:

P7003R Master Thesis - Space Technology, 30 Credits

P7004R Master Degree Project, 30 Credits

P7007R Master Thesis for the specialization Space and Atmospheric Physics, 30 Credits

P7008R Master Thesis for the specialization Spacecraft and Instrumentation, 30 Credits


Conference paper

The influence of international student projects on learning and study environment among the national and international space students (2020)

Barabash. V, Kuhn. T, Milz. M, Ejemalm. J, Enmark. A, de Oliviera. É, et al.
Part of: NU2020 — Hållbart lärande, Abstractbok, s. 74-75, Sveriges universitets- och högskoleförbund (SUHF), 2020
Conference paper

Masters Programs in Space Science and Engineering in Northern Sweden (2017)

Barabash. V, Ejemalm. J, Kuhn. T, Milz. M, Molin. S, Johansson. J, et al.
Paper presented at : 68th International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, Australia, 25 – 29 September 2017