Joel Lönnqvist
Joel Lönnqvist

Joel Lönnqvist

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493624
R222 Luleå

Joel Lönnqvist's main research interest is related to green infrastructure and its role for managing urban storm water. Joel has a background as a biologist specialized in limnology and has earlier been working with the landscape effects on water plant diversity.

An important part of the current work is to evaluate and to optimize the function of green roofs in cold climates. The function in this case is regarding the storm water management, water quality and plant survival. In the future this function can come to be extended into ecosystem responses to urbanization and the recreating of natural habitats and wildlife corridors in urban areas.

More than function, green roofs may as well come to be evaluated regarding long term use, maintenance measures and possible energy savings. With his research Joel wishes to contribute to overcoming the challenges that arise due to rapid urbanization and minimize the loss of ecosystem functions.

Research Projects


Conference paper

Evaluating the plant cover of northern Sweden's green roofs (2017)

Lönnqvist. J, Viklander. M, Blecken. G
Part of: Proceedings of EtW2017, 2017
Conference paper

Plant cover and species compositions on subarctic green roofs (2017)

Lönnqvist. J, Blecken. G, Viklander. M
Part of: 14th IWA/IAHR International Conference on Urban Drainage in Prague, Czech Republic 10-15 September 2017, 2017