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John Fabricius

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Mathematical Sciences
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492594
E892 Luleå

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Article in journal

Stokes flow with kinematic and dynamic boundary conditions (2019)

Fabricius. J
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, Vol. 77, nr. 3, s. 525-544
Article in journal

A Comparison of the Roughness Regimes in Hydrodynamic Lubrication (2017)

Fabricius. J, Tsandzana. A, Pérez-Ràfols. F, Wall. P
Journal of tribology, Vol. 139, nr. 5
Article in journal

Flow in thin domains with a microstructure (2017)

Lubrication and thin porous media
Almqvist. A, Fabricius. J, Lundström. S, Wall. P
AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1798
Article in journal

Homogenization of the Stokes equation with mixed boundary condition in a porous medium (2017)

Fabricius. J, Miroshnikova. E, Wall. P
Cogent Mathamatics, Vol. 4, nr. 1
Article in journal

Darcy's law for flow in a periodic thin porous medium confined between two parallel plates (2016)

Fabricius. J, Hellström. G, Lundström. S, Miroshnikova. E, Wall. P
Transport in Porous Media, Vol. 115, nr. 3, s. 473-493