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Johanna Bergström Roos
Johanna Bergström Roos

Johanna Bergström Roos

VSS-SSR, Space Technology
Professional Support, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
Besöksadress: Rymdcampus i Kiruna Kiruna

Johanna Bergstrom-Roos is employed at LTU Business AB since October 2011 and is working with Kiruna base. She is a project manager and business developer with a mission to strengthen Luleå University presence in Kiruna by developing cooperation between the university and the local business community. She also has a special assignment as a senior consultant to develop the university's space operations at the Space Campus in Kiruna.

Johanna is basically technical college and a teacher of French and Swedish. The educational direction took a new turn in 1992 when she was hired at Esrange Space Center to develop visitor and information operations there. During most of the time she worked as Information Officer and since 2007, she was deeply involved in parallel to develop commercial spaceflight in Sweden and pave the way for a whole new industry by Spaceport Sweden. Johanna has a long and broad experience in communications activity in both the strategy, management and operational work. She has also an extensive global network of contacts in the aerospace industry, and extensive experience in public relations.

Spare time is devoted to outdoor life in all the forms, please travel and to discover and meet new people. This happy with good friends and family, of course, made ​​up of husband and two sons.