Jonny Johansson
Jonny Johansson

Jonny Johansson

Universitetslektor, Docent, Huvudansvarig utbildningsledare
Luleå tekniska universitet
Industriell elektronik
Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik
A2313 Luleå

Personal history

I am 49 years old and live since 1999 in Luleå together with my wife and three children. I started my professional career in 1992 with ABB in Ludvika. I came to ABB as a Trainee after graduating with an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. With ABB I worked both hands on with electronics and software, as well as with project management and the last two years as group manager for a small group of engineers.

When my wife and I got our first child we wanted to get closer to our family, and we decided in 1999 to move to Luleå. I was here offered a Ph.D. student position, and found it interesting to once again go deeper in technical challenges. My Ph.D. studies led to my graduation in November 2004, and I am presently Associate Professor (Docent) at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineerinat Luleå University of Technology.