Jonas Zetterholm
Jonas Zetterholm

Jonas Zetterholm

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E153a Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

Economic potential for substitution of fossil fuels with liquefied biomethane in Swedish iron and steel industry (2020)

Synergy and competition with other sectors
Ahlström. J, Zetterholm. J, Pettersson. K, Harvey. S, Wetterlund. E
Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 209
Artikel i tidskrift

Evaluation of value chain configurations for fast pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass (2018)

Integration, feedstock, and product choice
Zetterholm. J, Wetterlund. E, Pettersson. K, Lundgren. J
Energy, Vol. 144, s. 564-575
Artikel i tidskrift

Resource efficiency or economy of scale (2018)

Biorefinery supply chain configurations for co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis liquids
Zetterholm. J, Pettersson. K, Leduc. S, Lundgren. J, Wetterlund. E
Applied Energy, Vol. 230, s. 912-924
Artikel i tidskrift

Dynamic modelling for the hot blast stove (2017)

Zetterholm. J, Ji. X, Sundelin. B, Martin. P, Wang. C
Applied Energy, Vol. 185, nr. 2, s. 2142-2150