Jose Couceiro
Jose Couceiro

Jose Couceiro

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
A187c Skellefteå



CT-scanning of the drying process of Eucalyptus nitens. (2018)

Couceiro. J, Hansson. L, Ahec. A, Sandberg. D
Ingår i: Proceedings of 21st International Drying Symposium., s. 1269-1276, Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València, 2018

CT-studies during the Conditioning phase of the Wood Drying Process (2018)

Couceiro. J, Hansson. L, Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Sandberg. D
Paper presented at : 21st International Drying Symposium (IDS), Valencia, Spain, Sep 11-14, 2018
Artikel i tidskrift

CT scanning of capillary phenomena in bio-based materials (2017)

Couceiro. J, Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Hansson. L, Hagman. O, Sandberg. D
Pro Ligno, ISSN: 1841-4737, Vol. 13, nr. 4, s. 181-187
Artikel i tidskrift

Estimation of shrinkage coefficients in radial and tangential directions from CT images (2017)

Hansson. L, Couceiro. J, Fjellner. B
Wood Material Science & Engineering, ISSN: 1748-0272, Vol. 12, nr. 4, s. 251-256

Estimation of miosture content in wood using dual x-ray energies in a medical CT-scanner (2016)

Couceiro. J, Lindgren. O
Ingår i: Process Technologies for the Forest & Biobased Products Industries, PTF BPI 2016, s. 22, 2016