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Contact for advice, questions or book time

Would you like to come in contact with us in Luleå for advice, questions or book a time email us at

About Student Health

Student Health's mission is to promote the physical and mental health of the students based on a salutogenic approach. The business must have a preventive focus. Student health is complementary to the general health care system and thus does not have primary and primary responsibility for the students.

To a curator, students can come if they feel worried, stressed, sad, depressed or have other difficulties that feel eager to talk about. The conversations can be supportive, motivational, advisory, information-giving, crisis management and guidance in personal development.

My work areas

My main areas of work are:

  • Individual meetings with students in Luleå who have ideas about their life situation
  • Lectures on lifestyle issues
  • Planning and implementation of phrasar education in Luleå
  • Courses in "Dare to Speak"