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Jörgen Häll
Jörgen Häll

Jörgen Häll

Luleå University of Technology
Musical Performance
Music, Media and Theatre
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
H104 Piteå

Jörgen comes from Dalarna, Sweden, and studied at Uppsala University, Framnäs Folk High School and Piteå School of Music at Luleå University of Technology.

Jörgen have composed music which has been performed all over the world, and he has worked with ensembles and orchestras such as Alter Ego (ITA), Ensemble MISE-EN (US), Senzoku Gakuen Symphony Orchestra (JPN), Esbjerg Ensemble (DEN), Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra (IS), Arctic Sinfonietta (NO), Norrbotten NEO (SE), Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble (SE), Gävle Symphonic Orchestra  (SE) och NorrlandsOperans Symphonic Orchestra (SE).

With an interest for programming, Jörgen appreciates the border between technology and music, with a focus on interactivity and audiovisual art.

Watch one of Jörgen's works, drifting light