Jurate Kumpiene
Jurate Kumpiene

Jurate Kumpiene

Luleå University of Technology
Geosciences and Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493020
F664L Luleå


Article in journal

In situ chemical stabilization of trace element-contaminated soil (2019)

Field demonstrations and barriers to transition from laboratory to the field : A review
Kumpiene. J, Antelo. J, Brännvall. E, Carabante. I, Ek. K, Komárek. M, et al.
Applied Geochemistry, Vol. 100, s. 335-351
Article in journal

Treatment of metal (loid) contaminated solutions using iron-peat as sorbent (2019)

is landfilling a suitable management option for the spent sorbent?
Kasiuliene. A, Carabante. I, Bhattacharya. P, Kumpiene. J
Environmental science and pollution research international
Article in journal

Removal of metal(oid)s from contaminated water using iron-coated peat sorbent (2018)

Kasiuliene. A, Carabante. I, Bhattacharya. P, Carporale. A, Adamo. P, Kumpiene. J
Chemosphere, Vol. 198, s. 290-296
Article in journal

Assessing phytotoxicity of trace element-contaminated soils phytomanaged with gentle remediation options at ten European field trials (2017)

Quintela-Sabarís. C, Marchand. L, Kidd. P, Friesl-Hanl. W, Puschenreiter. M, Kumpiene. J, et al.
Science of the Total Environment, Vol. 599-600, s. 1388-1398
Article in journal

Assessment of Methods for Determining Bioavailability of Trace Elements in Soils (2017)

A Review
Kumpiene. J, Giagnoni. L, Marschner. B, Denys. S, Mench. M, Andriaensen. K, et al.
Pedosphere, Vol. 27, nr. 3, s. 389-406