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Kaarin Kivimäki

Kaarin has worked since the 1980s with competence development mainly in the field of education from preschool to university. The assignments are about teacher training, leadership, group development and conflict management. In addition, Kaarin is also employed for creative meetings and as process leaders in development and collaboration issues.


Conference paper

Studying Entrepreneurial Learning in a Primary School Setting in Sweden (2015)

Tidåsen. C, Westerberg. M, Palmér. H, Leonardson. J, Karlsson. L, Lindh. I, et al.
Paper presented at : 3E Conference - ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference : 23/04/2015 - 24/04/2015

Project: Innopreneurship 21 (2013)

Westerberg. M, Grape. M, Kivimäki. K
Conference paper

Entreprenörskap och lärande (2006)

den synliga eller den osynliga delen av isberget
Kivimäki. K
Paper presented at : Lärande, kunskap & kreativitet vs. entreprenörskap : 23/11/2006