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Anna Karlsson
Anna Karlsson

Anna Karlsson

Adjunct Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Product Innovation
Humans and Technology
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Anna took her MSc in mechanical engineering and design in 2009 and later the same year started to work as a product developer within the turning department at AB Sandvik Coromant. Shortly thereafter Anna started as an industrial PhD student within methods for Innovation at the same company. This position enabled Anna to spend half her time towards own research while supporting the company the other half of her time. In 2014 she received her PhD with the dissertation “Nurturing Innovations – Idea development in R&D projects”.

She is now employed as a principal R&D engineer within product innovation at the project and portfolio management department at Sandvik Coromant and also holds a position as adjunct senior lecturer at the research topic product innovation. Her research interests fall within the area of idea and innovation management and she has written about 20 publications related to these topics.


After her dissertation in 2014 she has been involved in a number of research initiatives where the main focus has been towards leading and supporting innovation in large established organizations. To better understand the front end of innovation, production innovation and how the flow of more radical innovation endeavors can be supported has guided the research. Anna has also been involved in a pre-study financed by VINNOVA – Leading Innovation – which investigated the possibility to create a stakeholder driven focal point for innovation management in Sweden. This pre-study was conducted by a heterogeneous project group with members from several universities, companies and consultancies.


Supervises the following doctoral students:

  • Erika Lind, Planned PhD 2020
  • Lisa Larsson, Planned PhD 2019


Is employed by AB Sandvik Coromant and is consequently not involved in regular teaching activities at LTU. Have given guest lectures in the following courses:

  • Innovation Management – University of Gävle
  • Product Development – University of Gävle
  • Product innovation –Royal Institute of Technology
  • Production Innovation– PhD course arranged by LTU


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