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Karan Mitra

Associate Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)910 585386
A109 Skellefteå


Article in journal

Blockchain-Based SLA Management in the Context of IoT (2019)

Alzubaidi. A, Solaiman. E, Patel. P, Mitra. K
IT Professional Magazine, Vol. 21, nr. 4, s. 33-40
Article in journal

Category Preferred Canopy-K-means based Collaborative Filtering algorithm (2019)

Li. J, Zhang. K, Yang. X, Wei. P, Wang. J, Mitra. K, et al.
Future generations computer systems, Vol. 93, s. 1046-1054
Article in journal

Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service Framework (2019)

Alhamazani. K, Ranjan. R, Jayaraman. P, Mitra. K, Liu. C, Rabhi. F, et al.
I E E E Transactions on Cloud Computing, Vol. 7, nr. 1, s. 48-61
Article in journal

Cyber-physical application monitoring across multiple clouds (2019)

Noor. A, Mitra. K, Solaiman. E, Souza. A, Jha. D, Demirbaga. U, et al.
Computers & electrical engineering, Vol. 77, s. 314-324