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Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen
Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen

Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Building Materials
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493509
T3214 Luleå

Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen, originally from Germany, joined LTU in the beginning of 2016.

She has a vast background in building materials research, physics and catalysis. Her research focuses on environmentally friendly building materials.

She earned her Dipl.-Ing. from TU Darmstadt in Germany in 1999. She continued with her education at the Technical University Helsinki (nowadays Aalto University) in Finland and earned her PhD in Physics in 2006. Since then she dedicated her research interest to building materials.

Karin Habermehl-Cwirzen is the author of numerous articles. Besides, working on her own research she is also giving back to the scientific community. She serves as associate coordinator for the projects Aeolus4Future - focusing on wind-energy - as well as PROLIFE - focusing on extending the service life of old steel bridges-. Additionally she works as a reviewer for several scientific journals and is an active member of the Standing Committee on Basic Research and Emerging Technologies Related to Concrete  with the American transportation research board.

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Article in journal

Creep and Long-Term Properties of Alkali-Activated Swedish-Slag Concrete (2021)

Humad. A, Provis. J, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Rajczakowska. M, Cwirzen. A
Journal of materials in civil engineering, Vol. 33, nr. 2
Article in journal

Novel humidity sensors based on nanomodified Portland cement (2021)

Buasiri. T, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Krzeminski. L, Cwirzen. A
Scientific Reports, Vol. 11
Article in journal

Role of Carbon Nanofiber on the Electrical Resistivity of Mortar under Compressive Load (2021)

Buasiri. T, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Krzeminski. L, Cwirzen. A
Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2675, nr. 9, s. 32-37
Article in journal

Eco-UHPC as Repair Material-Bond Strength, Interfacial Transition Zone and Effects of Formwork Type (2020)

Kothari. A, Rajczakowska. M, Buasiri. T, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Cwirzen. A
Materials, Vol. 13, nr. 24