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Martin Karlsson

Martin Karlsson

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Accessibility, operability and reliability of machinery and process systems are highly affected by the dynamics of the systems. Vibration of systems and components leads to decreased life-time, increased risk for failures, increased sound level and undesirable use of energy. To root out the cause to many industrial vibration problems, one need to understand the dynamics of structural, rotating, fluid, electromechanical and control systems and how the “multi-physics” dynamics interact.

I have been working with problems related to rotating equipment for industrial applications throughout my working career – on the research side as well as in the consulting business. My specialities are trouble-shooting, research and development concerning multi-physics dynamics on rotating and process equipment. I have experience from problems related to high-speed cyclones, pumps, variable speed drive driven compressor trains, power plants, electric motors as well as process system and pipings.


Martin Karlsson
Expert Dynamic Systems, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
ÅF, Sound & Vibration
Visiting address: Frösundaleden 2 | Postal address: SE-169 99 Stockholm
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