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Katarina Leijon-Sundqvist
Katarina Leijon-Sundqvist

Katarina Leijon-Sundqvist

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 492996
S201 Luleå


Article in journal

Relation between dorsal and palmar hand skin temperatures during a cold stress test (2017)

Leijon-Sundqvist. K, Tegner. Y, Olsson. F, Karp. K, Lehto. N
Journal of Thermal Biology, Vol. 66, s. 87-92
Conference paper

Activity: Peripheral rewarming after cold stress- thermal imaging (2016)

Leijon-Sundqvist. K
Paper presented at : Arctic Seminar : 25/05/2016 - 27/05/2016
Article in journal

Hand skin temperature (2016)

are there warm and cold rewarming patterns after cold stress test?
Leijon-Sundqvist. K, Tegner. Y, Juntti. U, Karp. K, Lehto. N
Thermology International, Vol. 26, nr. 3, s. 81-87
Conference paper

Activity: Cold-water provocation of hands: An evaluation of different provocations (2015)

Leijon-Sundqvist. K
Paper presented at : XIII Congress of the European Association of Thermology : 03/09/2015 - 05/09/2015