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Christina Lemon

Luleå tekniska universitet
F238 Luleå


The aim of my research is to construct a "map" that charts the socio economic status (SES) of the Swedish, math PhD students. Based on Pierre Bourdieu's thoughts concerning the structure and function of the class system, this attempts to discover how SES affects both individuals and the subject itself within the culture of mathematics.

My supervisors are:
for mathematics: Lars-Erik Persson (main supervisor),
for math education: Gerd Brandell and Rudolf Straesser.


Brandell, Gerd, Nyström, Peter, Staberg, Else-Marie, and Sundqvist, Christina. (2003). Kön och matematik. GeMaprojektet. Grundskolerapport (Nr. 2003:19). Lund: Matematikcentrum, Lunds universitet.

Brandell, Gerd, Larsson, Sara, Nyström, Peter, Palbom, Anna, Staberg, Else-Marie, &camp; Sundqvist, Christina. (2005). Kön och matematik. GeMaprojektet. Gymnasierapport: slutrapport för ett forskningsprojekt med stöd från Vetenskapsrådet (Nr. 2005:20). Lund: Matematikcentrum, Lunds universitet.

Conference presentations

10th International Congress on Mathemathical Education (ICME 10), Copenhagen (4-11 July, 2004) Mathematics - a male domain? Gerd Brandelll, Peter Nyström and Christina Sundqvist.

Nordic Preconference to ICME 10 (PICME 10), Växjö University (9-11 May, 2003) Is Mathematics still a male domain? Christina Sundqvist.

A Conference in Honour of Hans Wallin, Umeå University (7-9 June, 2002) Matematik en manlig domän? Peter Nyström and Christina Sundqvist.

Assignments and responsibilities

I am a part of the GeMa-project. During 2005/06 I will represent the PhD students on the board of SNL.

More information


Licentiatavhandling, sammanläggning

Vem blir matematiker? (2015)

Sundqvist. C

Mathematics - a male domain? (2004)

Brandell. G, Nyström. P, Sundqvist. C
Ingår i: The 10th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME 10, 2004

Kön och matematik : GeMaprojektet : grundskolerapport (2003)

Brandell. G, Nyström. P, Staberg. E, Sundqvist. C