Kristina Larsson
Kristina Larsson

Kristina Larsson


I graduated from the Civil and Mining Engineering program at Luleå University of Technology in April 2000. After graduation I worked as a research engineer at the Division of Rock Mechanics at Luleå University of Technology. Since April 2002 I work as a PhD student at the same division. In December 2004 I got my Licentiate degree on the subject "Mining induced seismicity in Sweden". I continue my research on another topic: Rock mechanical consequences of fires in tunnels.


During the past ten years there have been several major fires in tunnels all over the world where people have been killed. The damage to the tunnel structure has in some cases been severe and has lead to an intensive debate and much research concerning tunnel safety in Europe. The major part of European road and rail tunnels has concrete lining, so most of the research has been focused on the behaviour and properties of concrete at high temperatures. In Sweden most tunnels are reinforced with shotcrete of varying thickness, so it is likely that the rock mass surrounding the tunnel will be affected by the fire. The aim of the project is to study how a typical Swedish tunnel is affected by a fire. The project should answer questions like the temperature at which spalling is initiated in some common Swedish rock types, the effect of heating rate, and the importance and effect of water (in the rock and in the joints)? The project will include case studies, laboratory tests, numerical analysis and possibly a full-scale test. The project is funded by the Swedish Railroad (Banverket) and Vattenfall.

The pre-investigation was funded by Banverket. The aim of the pre-investigation was to summarize the knowledge of the effects of fires in tunnels. The report was finsihed in Febraury 2006, se below.

PUBLICATIONS (not yet in Pu:re)

Larsson, K., Nordlund, E. and Dahlström, L-O., (2002). Determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion of two Äspö rocks, diorite and granite. In: Proceedings of the ... North America Rock Mechanics Symposium. Toronto, Ontario. Toronto: Toronto university press.

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