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Kristina Nilsson
Kristina Nilsson

Kristina Nilsson

Luleå University of Technology
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491678
T3067 Luleå

Kristina L Nilsson is architect SAR/ MSA, Professor of Architecture, deputy scientific leader of LTU's Centre of Excellence of Attractive Built Environment Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Board member of the National Renovation Center, and member of the management team of Hjalmar Lundbohms Research Center.

Kristinas research interest is within spatial planning and planning processes for long-term sustainable urban development. She leads research projects in spatial planning, urban design and construction/ reconstruction adapted to changes and seasonal variations in the climate, energy efficiency of cultural-historical buildings and the conservation of architectural and cultural historical values in renovation and reconstruction. She has long experience both as a researcher and as a professional practitioner. Kristina has good contacts with several universities/ universities in Sweden through an academic degree from Chalmers, a doctorate from KTH, as well as having previously worked at Spatial Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology and Landscape Architecture at SLU-Ultuna. Kristina was president of the European Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) in 2010-2012 and is a Swedish representative of the Nordic Network Planning Research Plan PLANNORD.


Article in journal

Co-Creative Place Innovation in an Arctic Town (2020)

Lindberg. M, Wikberg-Nilsson. Å, Segerstedt. E, Hidman. E, Nilsson. K, Karlberg. H, et al.
Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 13, nr. 4, s. 447-463
Article in journal

Subsurface planning (2020)

Towards a common understanding of the subsurface as a multifunctional resource
Volchko. Y, Norrman. J, Ericsson. L, Nilsson. K, Markstedt. A, Öberg. M, et al.
Land use policy, Vol. 90
Article in journal

Undermarken måste inkluderas (2020)

Sjöholm. J, Nilsson. K, Markstedt. A, Ericsson. L, Norrman. J, Volchko. Y
Stadsbyggnad, nr. 3, s. 29-34
Article in journal

Lyssna på forskningen (2019)

Den visar på avregleringens problem
Abarkan. A, Rizzo. A, Berggård. G, Nilsson. K, Svane. Ö
Dagens nyheter, nr. 10/21/2019
Article in journal

Undermarken måste utnyttjas mer effektivt (2019)

Planering på djupet
Nilsson. K, Markstedt. A, Ericsson. L, Norrman. J, Volchko. Y, Öberg. M
Dagens nyheter, nr. Augusti, fredag 2, s. 5-5