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Laila Soeberg
Laila Soeberg

Laila Soeberg


Laila Søberg´s research focuses on urban stormwater management with special focus on water sensitive urban designs. During her master thesis studies, Laila evaluated the ecological risks related to wet retention ponds in an urbanized area. Further she evaluated the use of living organisms and passive samplers as indicators for heavy metal pollution in aquatic systems. During her PhD studies, Laila is doing research on stormwater bioretention cells with special focus on cold climate performance. She has conducted two large pilot scale experiments examining bioretention cell function towards different types of pollutant compounds (nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria) typically found in urban stormwater runoff. The experiments were conducted under a set of varying conditions; design with and without a submerged zone, high and low temperatures, with salt laden stormwater and without salt laden stormwater, with different lengths of antecedent dry days and with different compositions of inflow. As the continuation of her PhD studies, Laila will evaluate and compare the metal adsorption capacities of 10 different filter materials used in full-scale bioretention cells during spring 2018.

Research Projects