Lech Maligranda
Lech Maligranda

Lech Maligranda

Mathematical Sciences
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491318
E887 Luleå

Research, teaching, and other activities

My research interests are functional analysis, interpolation theory, function spaces, real analysis, inequalities, and sometimes a little history of mathematics.

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Article in journal

Symmetrization, factorization and arithmetic of quasi-Banach function spaces (2019)

Kolwicz. P, Leśnik. K, Maligranda. L
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, ISSN: 0022-247X, Vol. 470, nr. 2, s. 1136-1166
Article in journal

Lp + L and Lp n L are not Isomorphic for all 1 ≤ p < ∞, p ≠ 2 (2018)

Astashkin. S, Maligranda. L
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, ISSN: 0002-9939, Vol. 146, nr. 5, s. 2181-2194
Article in journal

Lp + Lq and Lp ∩ Lq are not isomorphic for all 1 ≤ p,q ≤ ∞, p ≠ q (2018)

Astashkin. S, Maligranda. L
Comptes rendus. Mathematique, ISSN: 1631-073X, Vol. 356, nr. 6, s. 661-665
Article in journal

Represensibility of cones of monotone functions in weighted Lebesgue spaces and extrapolation of operators on these cones (2018)

Berezhnoǐ. E, Maligranda. L
St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal, ISSN: 1061-0022, Vol. 29, nr. 4, s. 545-574
Article in journal

Aleksander Rajchman (1890-1940) (2017)

Maligranda. L, Piotrowski. W
Wiadomosci Matematyczne, ISSN: 2080-5519, Vol. 53, nr. 1, s. 43-82