Lisette Edin
Lisette Edin

Lisette Edin

Chef administrativt verksamhetsstöd
Luleå University of Technology
+46 (0)920 491591
B278 Luleå

Head of Administrative Operations Support and Deputy Head of Professional Services

The Administrative Operational Support comprises a HR unit, a Finance unit, a Registry and Archives unit, six administrative groups located at the departments and one administrative group at the Professional Services. Unit Directors lead the HR unit and the Finance unit respectively, while Administrative Managers lead the administrative groups. The Registry and Archives unit is organisationally placed immediately below me.


Our task is to support and serve the management, personnel and students, both at University level and Department level. We perform tasks related to finances, human resources and employer matters, and also tasks related to external and internal information. Furthermore, we administer and develop the planning and follow-up process.


  • HR Director: Elisabet Sundelin
  • Head of Finance: Rose-Marie Kero
  • Unit Director, Registry and Archives: Lisette Edin
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences: Marie Boström
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Health Sciences: Karin Bergqvist
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Art, Communication and Education:                                Kerstin Pettersson/substitute Lars Bergman
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering: Birgitta Karlberg
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering:     Ulrica van Deventer
  • Administrative Manager, Dept. of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics: Mikael Öqvist
  • Administrative Manager, the Professional Services: Anna Lindahl


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