Anna Lindahl
Anna Lindahl

Anna Lindahl

Chef Stab
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Service administration and development
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 491782
B279A Luleå

I am the Administrative Manager at Professional Services and lead the personnel and the work at VSS Centrally, the administrative group at the Professional Services. The principal task of the Administrative Manager is to support the University Director in matters related to planning, control and follow-ups.

This includes:

  • to produce information and documents for decision-making and to make analyses,
  • to prepare and present matters before decision-making,
  • to lead and develop the personnel and work procedures within VSS Centrally,
  • to participate in university-wide development work within the field of administration,
  • to ensure the application of and compliance with policies, routines and work procedures,
  • to be the contact person in matters regarding procurement, premises and personnel,
  • to be part of the Managment group at the Professional Services.