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Lina Linde
Lina Linde

Lina Linde

Luleå tekniska universitet
Industriell ekonomi
Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle
A3205 Luleå


Lina Linde is, since August 2017, a PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Luleå University of Technology, 2017. Focus on Innovation and Strategic Business Development


The research interests include among others:

  • Business model innovation
  • Servitization and advanced service innovation
  • Digitalization of industrial ecosystems
  • Organizational capabilities

The research work involves cooperation with large companies like Volvo Construction Equipment, Ericsson, Boliden, SCA, ABB, and Gestamp HardTech, but also many SMEs.


DigIn – Digital Innovation of Business Models in Industrial Ecosystems. Vinnova (2017-2023)


Artikel i tidskrift

Dynamic capabilities for ecosystem orchestration (2021)

A capability-based framework for smart city innovation initiatives
Linde. L, Sjödin. D, Parida. V, Wincent. J
Technological forecasting & social change, Vol. 166
Artikel i tidskrift

Evaluation of Digital Business Model Opportunities (2021)

A Framework for Avoiding Digitalization Traps
Linde. L, Sjödin. D, Parida. V, Gebauer. H
Research technology management, Vol. 64, nr. 1, s. 43-53
Artikel i tidskrift

Revenue Models for Digital Servitization: A Value Capture Framework for Designing, Developing, and Scaling Digital Services (2021)

Linde. L, Frishammar. J, Parida. V
IEEE transactions on engineering management
Artikel i tidskrift

Relational Transformation 4.0 (2020)

How digitalization and servitization transform industrial relationships
Kamalaldin. A, Linde. L, Sjödin. D, Parida. V, Oghazi. P
Management of Innovation & Technology, Vol. juni, nr. 2, s. 6-9
Artikel i tidskrift

Transforming provider-customer relationships in digital servitization (2020)

A relational view on digitalization
Kamalaldin. A, Linde. L, Sjödin. D, Parida. V
Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 89, s. 306-325