Lena Björk
Lena Björk

Lena Björk

C302 Luleå

I am the head of security at the university, which implies that I am responsible for bringing together the important parts of the safety work.

Our security work is active and preventive. We focus on reducing risks and preventing damage in the areas of; physical and personal safety in the work environment, information security and crisis and disaster management.

The University shall provide a safe and secure environment for students, employees and visitors, and ensure protection of material and intangible values ​​in education and research activities.

My role is to convene the Security Group and the Security Advisory Forum. I report to the Rector's management team and is part of the crisis management where we handle emergency events.

I can easily be reached via 0920-49 15 02 or via lena.bjork(at)ltu.se

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In case of emergency: