Luca Di Stasio
Luca Di Stasio

Luca Di Stasio

Doktorand, Doktorand
Luleå tekniska universitet
Polymera kompositmaterial
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik


I am an energetic Professional Engineer (Italian License, 2013), who loves to read, write, code and solve problems. I also love to teach and help others learn and succeed. I hold a M.Sc. in Space Engineering from Politecnico di Milano (110/110, 2013); a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University (4/4, 2012); a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering (110/110, 2010). I gained experience in Research and Development working at Drexel University, IMDEA Materials Institute and ETH Zürich. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in co-mentorship between Université de Lorraine (France) and Luleå tekniska universitet (Sweden).


2015 - present, Joint European Doctoral Program in Advanced Materials and Engineering (DocMASE)

Luleå University of Technology (Luleå, Sweden) and Universite de Lorraine (Nancy, France)

    - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Polymeric Composite Materials, Luleå University of Technology (Luleå, Sweden)

    - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Materials Science and Engineering, Universite de Lorraine (Nancy, France)

2010 - 2013, Double Master Degree Program EAGLES (Engineers as Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability)

Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy), Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA) and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

    - Master of Science (MSc) in Space Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy), 2013

    - Master of Science (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA), 2012

2007 - 2010, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy)




Investigation of Scaling Laws of the Fiber/Matrix Interface Crack in Polymer Composites through Finite Element-based Micromechanical Modeling (2019)

Di Stasio. L, Varna. J, Ayadi. Z
Ingår i: Book of abstracts of the 10th EEIGM International Conference on Advanced Materials Research, 2019

Effect of boundary conditions on microdamage initiation in thin ply composite laminates (2018)

Di Stasio. L, Varna. J, Ayadi. Z
Paper presented at : ECCM18 - 18 th European Conference on Composite Materials, Athens, Greece, 24-28 th June 2018

Micromechanical modeling of thin ply effects on microdamage in Fiber Reinforced Composite laminates (2017)

Di Stasio. L, Varna. J, Ayadi. Z
Ingår i: Book of abstracts, 2017

Micromechanical models of transverse cracking in ultra-thin Fiber-Reinforced Composite laminates (2017)

Di Stasio. L, Varna. J, Ayadi. Z
Paper presented at : Séminaire de l'école doctorale EMMA 2017