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Malin Larsson Lindbäck
Malin Larsson Lindbäck

Malin Larsson Lindbäck

Educational Developer
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 493631
E1006b Luleå

As the head of HPC, I work with the overall planning, staffing and development of the center. Our repertoir of pedagogical courses is especially close to my heart and I try to teach there as much as I can - being part of where people learn is a privilege!

A background in the psychological field and a great curiosity about how we humans function makes me particularly focused on the field of motivation, pedagogical foundations in combination with digital development and not least collaboration - preferably international ones. I am currently leading a work package in the university-wide EU project UNIVERSEH, which provides fantastic opportunities to enrich our own operations here at LTU.

Contact me for any overall pedagogical questions or inquiries addressing HPC!