Maria Johansson
Maria Johansson

Maria Johansson

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Industrial Design
Humans and Technology
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences
+46 (0)920 493294

My overarching research interest is gender in male dominated contexts and more specifically explores constructions of gender and gender equality in forestry workplaces and how these constructions are intertwined with notions on competence and conceptualisations of (forestry) work. I also takes an interest in how constructions of gender intersects with the constructions of place and class, and how organisational changes are facilitated and/or restricted by the various notions of gender and gender equality.


Article in journal

Design teams (2019)

A participatory path to socially transformative innovation?
Lindberg. M, Johansson. M, Österlind. H
Forskning & Forandring, Vol. 2, nr. 1, s. 25-38
Chapter in book

Gender Perspectives on Forest Services in the Rise of a Bioeconomy Discourse (2019)

Liestav. G, Johansson. M
Part of: Services in Family Forestry
Article in journal

The Discursive Resistance of Men to Gender-equality Interventions (2019)

Negotiating “Unjustness”and “Unnecessity”in Swedish Forestry
Johansson. K, Andersson. E, Johansson. M, Lidestav. G
Men and Masculinities, Vol. 22, nr. 2, s. 177-196
Article in journal

Constituting gender and gender equality through policy (2018)

the political of gender mainstreaming in the Swedish forest industry
Andersson. E, Johansson. M, Lidestav. G, Lindberg. M
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Vol. 37, nr. 8, s. 763-779
Article in journal

#Metoo in the Swedish forest sector (2018)

testimonies from harassed women on sexualised forms of male control
Johansson. M, Johansson. K, Andersson. E
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 33, nr. 5, s. 419-425