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Marcus Björling
Marcus Björling

Marcus Björling

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491281
E856 Luleå


I was enrolled as a Ph.D student at Luleå University of Technology at the Division of Machine Elements in the beginning of 2009. In October 2014 I defended my thesis Friction in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication. I have since then been employed as a Post-Doc, senior lecturer and currently associate professor to do research and teaching.

The aim of my research is to give greater understanding of the process of friction generation in elastohydrodynamically lubricated contacts and to aid the develop of new lubricants with less environmental impact and increased efficiency of machine components. My research also includes surface coatings for improved efficiency of machine components. Recently we found that by combining Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coatings and the green lubricant glycerol, superlubricity with friction coefficient below 0.01 can be achieved in elastohydrodynamic lubrication.

Since 2011 I have published 36 Journal Papers, 25 Conference contributions and I have a H-Index of 16 in Google Scholar. A complete list of Journal Publications han be found on the bottow of the page.

I am currently act as Associate Editor for the  Proceedings of the IMechE Part J – Journal of Engineering Tribology and have been guest editor for a special issue on Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication in Lubricants,

The link below is to a presentation (In Swedish) that I did at the house of science, introducing my research in tribology and how we can seek insipration from nature.

I am also available on:
Research Gate


Teacher in SIRIUS - Creative Product Development - 22.5 Credits
Teacher in Advanced Machine Elements - 7.5 Credits
Teacher in Vehicle Systems 1 - 7.5 Credits
Teacher in Hydraulics - 7.5 Credits

CV (Updated June 2022)

Doctoral degree

Ph.D. in Machine elements, 04 October 2014. Friction in Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication. Supervisor; Prof. Roland Larsson, Luleå University of Technology. Co-supervisor; Prof. Pär Marklund, Luleå University of Technology.

Previous Employments

  • October 2017 - July 2020: Senior Lecturer at the Division of Machine Elements, LTU.
  • October 2014 - October 2017: Post Doc at the Division of Machine Elements, LTU.
  • January 2009 - October 2014: Ph.D Student at the Division of Machine Elements, LTU.


  • 2018 Award for research and Development in the field of material Science - Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
  • 2018 Award for Young Excellent Researcher - Royal Skyttean Society
  • 2017 Top reviewers for Luleå University of Technology - Publons
  • 2015 Inovative young reseacher award - Norrbotten Research Council
  • 2013 Best Paper Award Surface Engineering Technical Committee for the Society of Tribologists and
    Lubrication Engineers (STLE) for the paper The Influence of DLC Coating on EHL Friction Coefficient in Tribology Letters.

Supervision at present

  • PhD student Pontus Johansson (Co-supervisor) - New piston ring solution for Stirling engines
  • PhD student Jun Chen (Co-supervisor) - Multi-functional anti-icing polymer materials
  • PhD student Yuko Higashitani (Co-supervisor) - Cam traction
  • PhD student Idiris Mehamud Aliyi (Co-Supervisor) - Tribo Electric Nano Generators as sensors
  • PhD student Mushfiq Hasan (Co-Supervisor) - Water based lubricants for electric vehicles

Supervision history

  • 2021 - PhD thesis - Jing Hua - Friction control in different lubrication regimes (co-supervisor)
  • 2021 - PhD thesis - Jonny Hansen - Elasto-hydrodynamic film formation in heavily loaded rolling-sliding contacts: Influence of surface topography on the transition between lubrication regimes (co-supervisor)
  • 2021 - MSc thesis - Johan Lindström - Development of a tap run for a Kaldo-converter
  • 2021 - MSc thesis - Mushfiq Hasan - Investigation of micropitting and wear in rolling/sliding contacts operating under boundary lubrication conditions
  • 2021 - MSc thesis - Guillermo Zapata Tamayo - Sustainable lubrication for future transmissions - Micropitting performance of glycerol-based lubricants
  • 2021 - MSc thesis - Robert Näslund - Koncept study of high performance actuatur for rotating and linear motion on hooklift trailers
  • 2021 - MSc thesis - Isak Johansson - Transmission and mount for gearbox testrig
  • 2020 - MSc thesis - Viktor Risberg - Optimization of hydraulic quick release couplings
  • 2020 - MSc thesis - Emil Muhrman - Design of machine adaptor CR300-400
  • 2020 - MSc thesis - Erik Östensson - Optimization and protection of gear selector and testing of gear system
  • 2019 - MSc thesis - Marko Tošić - Model of thermal EHL based on Navier-Stokes equations - Effects of asperities and extreme loads
  • 2019 - MSc thesis - Frida Persson - Alternative Braking System for Tracked Vehicles
  • 2019 - MSc thesis - Pontus Johansson - New piston ring solution for Stirling engines
  • 2019 - BSc thesis - Joachim Jakobsson - Industrialisering av övervakningskoncept för DOC
  • 2018 - MSc thesis - David Nordin - Design & Evaluation of carbon fibre bus body
  • 2018 - MSc thesis - Emil Lantto - Integrated brake in hydraulic motor for winch applications
  • 2018 - MSc thesis - Filip Larsson & Jonas Dalgren - Development of an on-demand front wheel drive for Scania trucks
  • 2017 - MSc thesis - Jonathan Hägglund & Tony Häggström - Pneumatic turbocharger support system
  • 2012 - MSc thesis - Jesper Berglund - Design of a power loss model for vehicle drivetrains
  • 2011 - MSc thesis - Samuel Andersson & Patrik Nilsson - Development of a power-circulating test rig

Granted funding

Project leader

  • 2020-11, 630 000 SEK, Kempe Foundation, Post-Doc grant, Characterisation of water based lubricants for electric vehicles (SMK-2043)
  • 2019-10, 1890000 SEK, LTU lab Fund, grant for purchasing lab equipment (LTU-3300-2019)
  • 2019-03, 1890000 SEK, Kempe Foundation, grant for purchasing lab equipment (JCK-1907)
  • 2018-01 to 2021-12: 2800000 SEK, Swedish Research Council, Startup grant, Mechanisms for very low friction in lubricated contacts (2017-04914)
  • 2017-01 to 2017-12: 150000 SEK, Bolidens foundation for research and education at LTU, Environmentally adapted lubricants for mining machinery (2016-00020)
  • 2015-01 to 2018-05: 3000000 SEK, Norrbottens Research Council, Friction reduction in machine components by thermal insulation (NoFo14-210)


  • 2021-01 1300000 SEK, Kempe Foundation, grant for purchasing lab equipment (JCK-2106)
  • 2019-10 to 2022-09, 663972 EUR, Interreg Nord, Region Norrbotten, Ice Proof Arctic - Innovations for Ice and Snow Risk management (NYPS 20202472)
  • 2019-10 to 2022-09, 1019646 SEK, Region Norrbotten, Ice Proof Arctic - Innovations for Ice and Snow Risk management
    2018-11:  495000 SEK, Vinnova, A first step towards new self-powered vibration sensors (2018-04274)
  • 2018-03: 1450000 SEK, LTU lab fund, grant for purchasing lab equipment (3956-2017)
  • 2017-11: 1450000 SEK, Kempe Foundation, grant for purchasing lab equipment (SMK-1734)
  • 2017-12 to 2021-10: 4200000 SEK, Swedish Energy Agency, Wear resistant multifunctional coatings for wind turbines in cold climates (2017008200)
  • 2017-11 to 2020-12: 3800000 SEK, Swedish Energy Agency, New piston ring solution in stirling engines for electricity production from the sun (2017-004849)

Additional information

Invited speaker

  • "Friction in Elastohydrodynamically Lubricated Contacts - The influence of speed and slide to roll ratio". TriboDays, Trollhättan, Sweden, 2011
  • "On the effect of DLC coating on full film EHL friction",TriboDays, Luleå, Sweden, 2013.
  • "Inspiration from nature and future technological solutions", House of Science, Luleå, Sweden, 2016.

Expert reviewer

Editor of Scientific Journals

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Controllable superlubricity achieved with mixtures of green ionic liquid and glycerol aqueous solution via humidity (2022)

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Article in journal

Micropitting performance of Glycerol-based lubricants under rolling-sliding contact conditions (2022)

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