Mariana Johansson
Mariana Johansson

Mariana Johansson

Chef Lokalservice
Luleå University of Technology
VSS-LOK, Internal and External environment
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 492013
B183 Luleå

Chief Local Service

I work as acting head of the internal and external environment business area and head of Local Service which is part of the area.

The area is also responsible for local supply and the Central Workshop. Local supply responsibility for university supply at strategic and operational level, contacts and negotiations with property owners as well as support for operations on these issues. The area also provides for the purchase of suitable furniture for all our premises and is also responsible for physical safety, systematic work environment work in open spaces, fire protection, environmental management and optimization of local use. The central workshop works on behalf of the university's basic education and research projects.

Local Service is responsible for providing service and support to staff and students. Our mission is to create a good internal work environment and a good study environment

Local service consists of a number of different competence groups such as cleaning services with basic services as well as extra services, interior decoration, mail and goods and AV support in our study rooms, auditoriums and aula Aurora. My area of responsibility also includes conference services in Wiberggården as well as coffee service.

Local Service has 48 competent employees who are divided into two teams where Maria Teresa Viegas Ferraz and Sara Stark are team leaders.

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I can easily be reached via 0920-49 20 13 or through mariana.johansson (at)

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