Marie Finnström
Marie Finnström

Marie Finnström


Work summary

My main research interest is in compressible flows specially related to wave propagation.

Originally with applications ranging from the damage from rain drops (licentiate thesis) to air-bubbles collapsing due to a propagating shock wave (doctoral thesis). My studies have been theoretical. The equations have been solved numerically. Part of my work has been to modify the numerical methods.

Recently I have been involved in research related to hydropower carried out at our division. We are using Gibson´s method to calculate the flow rate. 


My main teaching interest is in fluid mechanics specially and mechanics in general. I am responsible for the course Continuum mechanics (F0030T).  I am teaching fluid mechanics in Hydromechanics (F0031T) and Advanced Fluid Mechanics (F7016T). In the first year courses in physics (F0004T and F0006T) I am teaching mechanics, thermodynamics and experimental methods.