Maria Kero
Maria Kero

Maria Kero

Director of Student Health Services
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 492455
C335 Luleå

Student Health is a division of Student Services Luleå University.

Student Health mission is based on a salutogenic approach to promote students' physical and mental health. The business must have a preventive approach. Student Health is complementary to the general health services and thus have no primary and- emergency care responsibilities to students.

As operations manager of Student Health, I am responsible for the mandate and that students get a safe and secure service.


In addition to my duties as a manager, I work as a nurse in the business.

My main areas of work are

  • Meet students who have questions about their health and lifestyle in Luleå and Piteå
  • Responsible for phösarutbildning
  • Coordination function in the baseline
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  • Interacts with students in various projects
  • Included in the LTU's crisis management team

You can reach me be reached easily by email Mary, Kero @ or telephone 070/6669168

Learn more about Student Health at the website acc link below

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