Marita Henningsdotter-Lovner
Marita Henningsdotter-Lovner

Marita Henningsdotter-Lovner

I am Senior Faculty Director and a Director of Studies for Master and Bachelor courses in classical music profile. I am also working as Director of Operations for Accelerator that constitutes the institution collaboration hub. As Director of Operations I coordinate the institution's various programmes in cross-border productions, often with external collaboration. Accelerator thereby realizing the entrepreneurial attitude that will permeate the university's work.

I'm basically a music teacher and flute teacher but has worked as project manager for international projects within the culture sector, as an actor, a musician and a theater musician. My big interest in people has always been my driving force and the last few years I have studied psychology part time. My off work interest is the sea, sailing and sailing boats. This intrest have brought with me on a few sailing routes as an able bodied seaman aboard the East Indiaman Gothenburg and its voyage to China.

I believe that:
° Creative meetings will build bridges - between generations, between social classes and other groupings in society.
° The creative expression defines man in an age of diversity.
° Creativity speaks a universal language that both can challenge and heal.
° Creativity refines the already fine and shows the potential for continuous development.
° In creativity lives every person's right to his own expression and acceptance of others' individuality.

Which society do we want? What future?

We are facing more and more complex inputs and options than ever. An emphasis on individual achievement seems to be today's societal norms. This individual focus divides us in to groups that defines "us" and "the others". This division can thus be reinvigorated in the indifference and ignorance of "the others". This is a breeding ground for prejudice and segregation. "The prejudice is rooted in everyday life" (O. Palme December 1965) - and it is in everyday life that we can make a difference.

Together we make a difference!