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María Paz Zorzano Mier is a professor in Atmospheric Science  and Senior Scientist in the Department of Planetology and Habitability of the Centre of Astrobiology CAB (INTA/CSIC).

She is involved in one of the most ambitious projects faced by Luleå University of Technology, namely, the development of the instrument HABIT (HabitAbility, Brine Irradiation and Temperature), which will be sent to Mars as part of the ESA’s ExoMars 2018 mission.

HABIT is designed to study the water cycle on Martian surface, and it will mark a milestone in Mars exploration, contributing not only in going into depth in the knowledge of the planet, but also clearing ways to plan future manned missions.

As an expert in space instrumentation and data exploitation, she works as well in the development of procedures and models to assure an optimal analysis of the instrument measurements in a wide range of aspects.