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Mascha Pauelsen
Mascha Pauelsen

Mascha Pauelsen

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 491732
S118 Luleå

As a senior lecturer, I divide my time between teaching and research. I have previously taught biomechanics and functional anatomy at the graduate level and have done guest teaching in multivariate data analysis at the doctoral level. Currently, I teach quantitative methods and statistics at the graduate level. As a researcher (the largest part of my activities), I am interested in the facilitators and hindrances for physical activity in young and old age, with the goal to increase health span.

My research

My bachelor's and master's theses were studies in the field of sports medicine and were a result of my involvement in the sport of flat track roller derby. I still have some personal interest left in that, however, I find that my efforts can have a bigger impact trying to increase the sustainability of future communities and societies. Trying to understand how we can help individuals and populations to be healthier longer with the help of movement has the potential to increase individual quality of life and economic viability of social safety net structures at large. 

My doctoral dissertation consisted of quantitative ground research, performed within the settings of the BAHRT project and made use of our motion laboratory The colaboration between the disciplines of physiotherapy and control engineering gave us important new insights into how postural control systems compensate for age-related declines to fend off the onset or increase of fall-related concerns and balance disturbances. 

Currently, I have joined the team that have founded the SICTA project (sustainable intervention for children transporting actively). It deals with the development of a complex intervention to increase the number of active commutes to and from school (walking and cycling rather than commuting by car).


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COVID-19 (2021)

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