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Matthew Cha


Nonlinear Dynamic Behaviour of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

Hydrodynamic journal bearings are widely used in rotating machineries where large radial supports are required. Such bearings can be found in turbines, electric motor generators, pumps, and etc. In order to prevent damaging the journal during start-up/shutdown stage, polymer faced liner has been implemented on the bearings. Experiences show that having a soft liner on the bearing can be economically beneficial.  

Most common approach to determine the dynamics of the bearing is to find bearing coefficients by perturbing the journal about the equilibrium. This is called linear analysis. But in linear analysis, the linearized dynamic coefficients do not represent the behaviour of large amplitude journal motions (about 40% of the bearing clearance).    

My research is focused on developing a journal bearing which will give a better performance in terms providing higher load carrying capacity, decreasing power loss, and improving the stability of the system by exploring nonlinear dynamic behaviour of the journal bearing.