Stefan Marth
Stefan Marth

Stefan Marth

PhD Student position
Luleå University of Technology
Solid Mechanics
Mechanics of Solid Materials
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493813
E862 Luleå


BSc in General Engineering Sciences from the University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg, Germany.
MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Braunschweig Institute of Technology, Germany. 

Research project: Fracture Modelling of Multiphase Materials


The dominant technology for lightweight design of car structures is based on press-hardening. The technology is a Swedish innovation has developed into a global technology with Sweden still as the world leader in research and industrial development. The driving forces are the reduction of emissions and increased car safety. The usage of press hardened components in the next generation of car structures is expected to be above 40%. A prerequisite for efficient introduction of new high performance materials is the availability of efficient and accurate methods for simulation of fracture in crash analyses.

Project goals and results

The project should give an overview of some most fundamental issues encountered in fracture modelling of press-hardened steel. A method developed in this project is the Stepwise Modelling Method (SMM) and is used to characterize material properties like plasticity and fracture parameters. Using the microstructure composition data from forming simulations to perform crash simulations in multi scale analysis, the crack path can be analysed.  The development of cohesive fracture models is the main goal the project. This should lead to an improvement of the development time and to lighter cars while maintaining the safety.


Supervisor: Hans-Åke Häggblad
Assistant Supervisor: Mats Oldenburg


Conference paper

From Blank to Fractured Component (2018)

Numerical and Experimental Results of a Laboratory Scale Component
Marth. S, Golling. S, Östlund. R, Oldenburg. M
Paper presented at : International Deep Drawing Research Group 37th Annual Conference 3–7 June 2018, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Conference paper

A comparison between Stepwise Modelling and Inverse Modelling methods for characterization of press hardened sheet metals (2017)

Marth. S, Häggblad. H, Oldenburg. M
Part of: 6th International Conference Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel CHS2, June 4-7 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, USA : proceedings, s. 281-288, Association for Iron & Steel Technology, AIST, 2017
Article in journal

Experimental characterisation of the evolution of triaxiality stress state for sheet metal materials (2017)

Sjöberg. T, Marth. S, Kajberg. J, Häggblad. H
European journal of mechanics. A, Solids, ISSN: 0997-7538, Vol. 66, s. 279-286
Article in journal

Strain and stress conditions at crack initiation during shearing of medium- and high-strength steel sheet (2017)

Gustafsson. E, Marth. S, Karlsson. L, Oldenburg. M
International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering, ISSN: 2156-1680, Vol. 12, nr. 1