Mats Nilsson
Mats Nilsson

Mats Nilsson

Social Sciences
Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences

As an electricity market practitioner, I have been working with the electricity market(s) in different positions, and from different angles since 2002-2003. My first in-depth insights came when working for the regulator. This was when we had a couple of dry years and the Nordic electricity prices "skyrocketed" (compared to earlier price levels). This was also when the discussion on Svenska Kraftnät´s congestion management procedures, later leading to a division of Sweden into 4 bidding zones, emanated. Both the pricing issue, and the infrastructure development and operations has been themes in my work. There is a clear intention from the European commission and the member states to make the electricity markets into one integrated European electricity market, thus, a lot of the action has been( and is) on the international level. I have been active in working groups in electricity markets in Brussels (both with the regulators and later with the industry association, Eurelectric). An important step to increasingly formalize the tacit knowledge in practitioners' in the electricity into explicit is the work that the department of economics and I are now planning. I will be able to draw from vast general research experience, and in turn can share of my intuition and insights from the empirical reality of the electricity markets.


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