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Matti Rantatalo

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Operation and Maintenance
Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492124
T2053 Luleå


Conference paper

An Experimental Study on Railway Ballast Degradation Under Cyclic Loading (2022)

Talebiahooie. E, Thiery. F, Mattsson. H, Rantatalo. M
Part of: International Congress and Workshop on Industrial AI 2021, s. 424-433, Springer, 2022
Article in journal

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Missing Clamp Detection from an In-Service Train Using Differential Eddy Current Sensor (2022)

Chandran. P, Thiery. F, Odelius. J, Lind. H, Rantatalo. M
Sustainability, Vol. 14, nr. 2, s. 1035-1035
Article in journal

An Investigation of Railway Fastener Detection Using Image Processing and Augmented Deep Learning (2021)

Chandran. P, Asber. J, Thiery. F, Odelius. J, Rantatalo. M
Sustainability, Vol. 13, nr. 21
Article in journal

Bearing Life Prediction with Informed Hyperprior Distribution: A Bayesian Hierarchical and Machine Learning Approach (2021)

Mishra. M, Martinsson. J, Goebel. K, Rantatalo. M
IEEE Access, Vol. 9, s. 157002-157011
Article in journal

Modelling of Railway Sleeper Settlement under Cyclic Loading Using a Hysteretic Ballast Contact Model (2021)

Talebiahooie. E, Thiery. F, Meng. J, Mattsson. H, Nordlund. E, Rantatalo. M
Sustainability, Vol. 13, nr. 21