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Mayura Talwelkarshimpi
Mayura Talwelkarshimpi

Mayura Talwelkarshimpi

Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E193 Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

–B(OH)2 versus –OH in supramolecular synthesis: molecular complexes of 4-hydroxyphenylboronic acid with aza-donor compounds (2010)

Talwelkarshimpi. M, Pedireddi. V
Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 51, nr. 52, s. 6901-6905
Artikel i tidskrift

Experimental and theoretical studies of molecular complexes of theophylline with some phenylboronic acids (2016)

Talwelkarshimpi. M, Öberg. S, Giri. L, Pedireddi. V
RSC Advances, Vol. 6, nr. 49, s. 43060-43068
Artikel i tidskrift

Some hydrated molecular complexes of 4-cyanophenylboronic acid (2017)

Significance of water in the structure stabilization by theoretical investigation
Talwelkarshimpi. M, Öberg. S, Giri. L, Pedireddi. V
Crystal Growth & Design, Vol. 17, nr. 12, s. 6247-6254

Some Hydrated Molecular Complexes of 4-Cyanophenylboronic acid: Significanceof Water in the Structure Stabilization by Theoretical Investigations (2017)

TalwelkarShimpi. M, Öberg. S, Giri. L, Pedireddi. V
Paper presented at : 17th International Conference on Density-Functional Theory and its Applications, Tällberg, Sweden, 21-25 August 2017