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Michael Nilsson
Michael Nilsson

Michael Nilsson

Project Manager
Luleå University of Technology
Digital Services and Systems, Distance- Spanning Technology
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)920 492306
A3575 Luleå


Conference paper

A modelling methodology for assessing use of datacenter waste heat in greenhouses (2017)

Sandberg. M, Risberg. M, Ljung. A, Varagnolo. D, Xiong. D, Nilsson. M
Paper presented at : Third International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, ICOEST, Budapest, 19-23 October 2017
Conference paper

Digital platform ecosystems (2017)

From information transactions to collaboration impact
Chronéer. D, Johansson. J, Nilsson. M, Runardotter. M
Paper presented at : 29th ISPIM Innovation Conference : Composing the Innovation Symphony, Vienna, Austria, 18-21 June 2017

Fire collaboration models (2015)

final report
Sällström. A, Johansson. J, Chronéer. D, Malmström. M, Bouckaert. S, Garcia. S, et al.

Amplifying future internet research and experimentation for a sustainable future (2014)

Fire collaboration models interim report
Sällström. A, Johansson. J, Chronéer. D, Malmström. M, Nilsson. M, Bouckert. M, et al.

Project: Cloudberry Datacenters (2014)

Börjesson. M, Nilsson. M, Schelén. O, Andersson. K, Nolin. M