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Matthew Thurley
Matthew Thurley

Matthew Thurley

Matthew is currently in Melbourne Australia and working part-time. He can be contacted via email

Matthew Thurley is founder of the Industrial Image Analysis group at Luleå University of Technology where he has developed a series of industrial machine vision prototypes within the Swedish mining, aggregates and steel industries.

He is also founder of Innovative Machine Vision a company which focuses on delivering commercial outcomes and innovation from research, most particularly Matthew's R&D on particle size distribution measurement.

His research and experience focuses on analysis and algorithms for automated online image analysis for industrial measurement projects. Matthew is focused on technology and measurement solutions for sustainability and efficiency in industrial processes.

"I believe that researchers should look to the future and consider how their research will be viewed in 20, 50, or even a 100 years. We must strive to make a contribution that will really matter in the future and make a difference for tomorrow's child."


Matthew strives for a future where the mining industry operates as an efficient, optimised and integrated process similar to manufacturing. For example, where excavation, crushing, grinding, agglomeration, and other particle processes, can be automated based on online measurement of the particle size distribution. 2012 marks 15 years since Matthew started his PhD research on this topic and now automated online measurement of the particle size distribution of piled material on conveyor is a commercial product. This capability opens the door to fully automated control and optimization of crushers, tumbling mills, and pelletisation / agglomeration processes, as well as feedback to blasting.

Matthew draws inspiration from leading figures in industry and research such as Ray Anderson and Amory Lovins. Both of these impressive figures highlight the myth and expose the lie of choosing between the environment and the economy (profit). The real choice is to challenge the status quo and innovate and change.

Ray Anderson is the CEO of Interface Carpets who has lead his company agressively towards sustainable, renewable and environmentally conscious operation. He defines sustainabiity as "taking nothing from the earth that is not rapidly and naturally renewable, and doing no harm to the biosphere" (TED 2009). He came to prominance popular for his part in the movie "The Corporation" and his talks on transforming industry to not only profit but also to do no harm to the earth are both inspirational and demonstrate what can be done if you try.

Ray Anderson, an introduction on YouTube

Ray Anderson speaks at TED 2009 Listen to Ray outline how his company reduced their net greenhouse gas emissions by 82% in tonnage and doubled profits in 12 years on their way to Mission Zero, That is Zero Impact.

Amory Lovins is the cheif scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institiute, an independant research think tank with a strong focus on energy independance, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources. Listen to Amory Lovins outline how capatilism and business for profit can eliminate America's dependency on foriegn oil using existing technology in Wining the Oil Endgame.

Amory Lovins, Wining the Oil End Game at TED 2005

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