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Moa Dahlberg
Moa Dahlberg

Moa Dahlberg

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Political Science
Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 492809
A327 Luleå


Moa Dahlberg is a PhD-candidate in Political Science at the Political Science Unit, Luleå University of Technology.

She received her MSc in Development Studies from the Department of Government at Uppsala University in 2014. During her academic studies and previous work she has conducted field research in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa on themes such as democratization, migration, gender, violence and land-rights.



Moa Dahlberg teach on Democracy, Development and Democratization, Local Government A, Integration course - Globalization, the local community, environment, culture and technology and Sweden and Nordic countries in the world: society, nature and culture. 



Moa Dahlberg's research focuses on development studies with two research interests: 1) the study of hybrid governance of natural resource management in low-income countries and, 2) migration and the gendered nature of violence. 

In her PhD, Moa Dahlberg focus on governance in areas of dual authorities. More spefically I study the role of Traditional authorities in the governance of the commons. This research relies on qualitative fieldwork and surveys collected in Transboundary Protected Areas in Southern Africa.

Moa Dahlberg also has an ongoing research project together with Charlotta Söderberg and Simon Matti called Managing a Moving resource: Opportunities for, and Obstacles to, Collective action in Swedish Wild boar Management. 



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