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Mojtaba Gilzad Kohan

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Experimental physics
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Decorating vertically aligned MoS2 nanoflakes with silver nanoparticles for inducing a bifunctional electrocatalyst towards oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction reaction (2021)

Solomon. G, Gilzad Kohan. M, Vagin. M, Rigoni. F, Mazzaro. R, Natile. M, et al.
Nano Energy, Vol. 81
Article in journal

Vertically aligned Co3O4 nanorods as a platform for inverted all‐oxide heterojunctions (2021)

Gilzad Kohan. M, Solomon. G, You. S, Yusupov. K, Concina. I, Vomiero. A
Nano Select
Chapter in book

All-oxide solar cells (2020)

Gilzad Kohan. M, Concina. I, Vomiero. A
Part of: Solar Cells and Light Management
Article in journal

Au-Decorated Ce–Ti Mixed Oxides for Efficient CO Preferential Photooxidation (2020)

Infantes-Molina. A, Villanova. A, Talon. A, Gilzad Kohan. M, Gradone. A, Mazzaro. R, et al.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Vol. 12, nr. 34, s. 38019-38030
Article, review/survey

Semiconducting metal oxides empowered by graphene and its derivatives (2020)

Progresses and critical perspective on selected functional applications
Solomon. G, Kohan. M, Landström. A, Vomiero. A, Concina. I
Part of: Journal of Applied Physics