Muhammad Auchar
Muhammad Auchar

Muhammad Auchar


Mechanical properties of fine grained sulphur rich, silty soils.

The project is focused to understand mechanical properties of tailings and using reliable constitutive models for predicting the long term stability (more than 1000 years) of Tailings dams and impoundments. The finite element code PLAXIS 2D will be used for numerical analysis. The developed constitutive model will be implemented in PLAXIS and comparisons will be made between numerical simulations and field measurements of horizontal/vertical displacements and pore pressures.


Professor Sven Knutsson, and Dr. Hans Mattsson.


Higher Education Commission ( HEC) Pakistan and Luleå University of Technology (LTU).

Start and expected completion of Project

The PhD project started in November 2008 and expected to be completed in December, 2012.