Narges Tabatabaei
Narges Tabatabaei

Narges Tabatabaei

Fluid Mechanics
Fluid and Experimental Mechanics
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
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E815a Luleå


Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Impact of Icing on Wind Turbines Aerodynamic (2018)

Tabatabaei. N
Article in journal

Investigation of the numerical methodology of a model wind turbine simulation (2018)

Tabatabaei. N, Cervantes. M, Trivedi. C
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, ISSN: 1735-3572, Vol. 11, nr. 3, s. 527-544
Article in journal

Numerical investigation on the aeroelastic behavior of a wind turbinewith iced blades (2018)

Gantasala. S, Tabatabaei. N, Cervantes. M, Aidanpää. J
Cold Regions Science and Technology, ISSN: 0165-232X
Article in journal

Time-Dependent Effects of Glaze Ice on the Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Airfoil (2018)

Tabatabaei. N, Cervantes. M, Trivedi. C
International Journal of Rotating Machinery, ISSN: 1023-621X, Vol. 2018
Article in journal

Uncertainty quantification of iced airfoil  on wind Turbine Using polynomial chaos expansion (2018)

Tabatabaei. N, Raisee. M, Cervantes. M
Journal of energy resources technology, ISSN: 0195-0738