Niklas Bagge
Niklas Bagge

Niklas Bagge

Structural Engineering
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491264
F940 Luleå

Niklas Bagge received his Ph.D. degree in June 2017 in the research area Structural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. His research is focused on methods for structural assessment of existing concrete bridges with the aim to develop strategies practically applicable for efficient and reliable analyses of structural capacities. The research includes FE analyses on various levels of accuracy, safety verification using appropriete safety concepts, and verification of the methods based on destructive and non-destructive field testing of a decommissioned prestressed concrete bridge.

Niklas Bagge received his M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering in 2011 and his Tech. Licentiate degree in 2014 at Luleå University of Technology. Niklas also has a position as Bridge Engineer in the Department of Bridge and Hydrailic Engineering at WSP Sverige AB.

Professional expertise

  • Design and structural assessment of concrete structures
  • Linear and nonlinear FE modeling
  • Monitoring of bridges
  • Field tests of full-scale structures

Activities and projects

Disputation 08/06/2017 (Photo by Per Pettersson)


Chapter in book

Assessment and Loading to Failure of Three Swedish RC Bridges (2018)

Nilimaa. J, Sabau. C, Bagge. N, Puurula. A, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, et al.
Part of: Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Behavior through Load Testing
Conference paper

Bridges tested to failure in Sweden (2018)

Täljsten. B, Blanksvärd. T, Sas. G, Bagge. N, Nilimaa. J, Popescu. C, et al.
Part of: IABSE Conference 2018 – Engineering the Past, to Meet the Needs of the FutureJune 25-27 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018
Article in journal

Failure tests on concrete bridges (2018)

Have we learnt the lessons?
Bagge. N, Popescu. C, Elfgren. L
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, ISSN: 1573-2479, Vol. 14, nr. 3, s. 292-319
Conference paper

Load-testing used for qulity control of bridges (2018)

Elfgren. L, Täljsten. B, Blanksvärd. T, Sas. G, Nilimaa. J, Bagge. N, et al.
Part of: Quality Specifications for Roadway Bridges, Workshop of COST TU 1406, s. 1-6, 2018