Niklas Davidsson
Niklas Davidsson

Niklas Davidsson

Thesis summary

Why do fluids become turbulent? Stability is the research field trying to answer this question. My work is focused on theoretical studies of stability and control of boundary layers, in particular the suction boundary layer. The research is founded by STEM (Swedish energy agency) and my supervisor is Professor Håkan Gustavsson.

Courses, Ph.D-level

  • Flow control, 2 credits, congoing
  • Experimental methods, 5 credits
  • Numerical Analysis, 5 credits
  • Turbulence and turbulence modelling, 8 credits
  • Hydrodynamic stability, 4 credits
  • Viscous fluid dynamics, 8 credits
  • Applied mathematics, 5 credits, ongoing
  • Continuum mechanics, 6 credits
  • Quality and trust in CFD, 5 credits
  • Introduction to UNIX, 2 credits
  • Informationssökning, 1 credit
  • Pedagogisk grundkurs, 2 credits

  • MTM113, Continuum mechanics, assistant teacher
  • MTMXXX, Technical systems in nature (given for high school students)
  • MTF098, Fysik 3, lecturer (2003 and 2007) and assistand teacher (2006)
  • MTM052, Hydro mechanics (Lab supervisor)
  • MTM162, Advanced fluid mechanics (assistant teacher)
  • Member of the organisation committee and editor of the proceedings for the conference "Svenska Mekanikdagar 2007"
  • Webb master at the Division of Fluid Mechanics

Publications and conferences
  • 2007 Svenska Mekanikdagar 2007, Davidsson, E.N. and Wassvik, E. (editors), Research Report 2007:10, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden,
  • 2007 Stability and transition in the suction boundary layer and other shear flows, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, Ph.D. thesis 2007:04.
  • 2006 Elementary solutions for streaky structures in boundary layers with and without suction, (article, accepted for publication in Fluid Mechanics Research)
  • 2006 Streak growth and breakdown in a boundary layer with steady uniform suction, EUROMECH Fluid Mechanics conference 6, (conference)
  • 2005 Studier av transition i sugningsgränsskikt, Svenska Mekanikdagar 2005, (conference)
  • 2005 Linear and nonlinear development of perturbations in the asymptotic suction boundary layer, (licentiate thesis, published)
  • 2005 Nonlinear development of a model disturbance in boundary layers with and without suction, (article, to be submitted)
  • 2005 Transition thresholds in the Asymptotic Suction Boundary Layer, (article, published in Physics of Fluids 11 2005)
  • 2003 Studier av gränsskikt vid sugning och dess mekanismer, Svenska Mekanikdagar 2003 (conference)
  • 2002 Streak stability in the suction boundary layer, (master thesis, published)